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Holiday Gifts for In-Home Care Aides...What's Appropriate?


Stumped on a gift idea for your In-Home Caregiver?  This holiday season you will want to remember and express your appreciation for the dedicated person who cares for your parent or loved one.  What gifts are most appropriate and appreciated?


In most cases, a cash holiday gift will be most appropriate.  A current general rule of thumb for a Home Health Aide/Caregiver who has been with your family for a year or more is a sum equal to one day's typical wages.  You should not feel obligated, however, to go beyond your personal budget during the holidays. Additionally, if you tip or award small cash bonuses throughout the year, you might elect to give a more modest holiday gift.  If your budget is tight, consider a gift card to a local grocery or discount store.  Gift cards to department stores or specialty boutiques are "hit or miss" depending on your caregiver's preferences. We recommend that gifts be presented by family members rather than an elderly client.  This avoids any potential misunderstandings surrounding the gift. 


Looking for other options?  Consider the following gift ideas to reward your special In-Home Care Aide for a job well done.

1.  Paid time off.  Perhaps a family member can fill in while your caregiver gets some much deserved rest and relaxation.  Both of you will benefit when your caregiver returns, recharged and refreshed.

2.  Spa/Massage Gift Certificates.  Acknowlege that your caregiver's work may be physically or mentally demanding.  Encourage her to take time to relax and relieve stress. 

3.  Dinner For 2 at a comfortable restaurant with excellent service

4.  Personalized Gift Basket.   Show that you care and take note of her interests and favorite items by creating a unique gift basket.  Include items like her favorite teas/coffee, scented soaps, CDs, gift card for preferred store or restaurant.

Above all, take the time to write a few words of appreciation to your caregiver during the holidays.  Your praise and gratitude just might be the best gift of all this season!  

Other gift ideas or thoughts on gift giving?....please post your idea as a comment to our blog!

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If Mom is going out of town for a week, should the caregiver be paid for lost wages, even if it's several hundred dollars?
Posted @ Wednesday, December 14, 2011 3:28 PM by Paula
Thank you for your question. As her employer, its really up to you as to whether or not the caregiver is compensated for the lost wages...depends on length of service & relationship, etc.  
One benefit of going with an agency rather than hiring directly is that you will never have to feel obligated for days that you elect not to have service. All that is required is adequate notice and the agency will handle the rest. In all likelihood, your caregiver will be assigned to a temporary case during your absence to reduce lost wages. Please call us at 770-442-8664 should you like to discuss some of the other benefits of utilizing an "in-home care" agency.
Posted @ Friday, December 16, 2011 10:43 AM by Jill Troman
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